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Where to Sell, Donate or Recycle Those Once Loved Items and Feel Good About It

booksSergey Nivens


If you can't muster the enthusiasm to get up at the crack of dawn and stand in the hot sun or rain and haggle with bargain hunters at your own yard sale, here is some good news that is a win/win for everyone...

Discover a dozen strategies for shedding that stuff that allows you to make extra money or a tax deduction for your donation, and allows you to find a good home for your things you can't use, and provide for those in need. By recycling and reusing good items, it also helps the environment by keeping them out of land fills.

To find out great ways to get rid of otherwise hard-to-get-rid of stuff, contact for creative places to go when saddled with art; books; designer clothing, shoes, handbags; electronics; large household goods and more.